"Liebherr wine coolers - The ideal storage temperature for wine"

Where wine is concerned, correct temperatures are always important.
From the air temperature which ensures perfect growth of the grapes, to that which governs the aging processes in production, to the balanced temperature for storage of the finished wine. Above all, temperature ultimately defines a wine’s taste and palate – the serving temperature will determine how much it is savored and enjoyed.

[box style="warning"]Remember there is a difference between long term and short term storage temperature .[/box]

The ideal storage temperature for wine is between + 10 °C and + 12 °C. It is critical that the temperature is kept as constant as possible because this is the only way that a wine’s natural harmony will be preserved.
[one_half]As the temperature rises, the wine molecules’ kinetic energy increases and this accelerates the aging process causing the wine to deteriorate. Consequently, storage temperatures of between +10°C and +12°C are recommended for storing wine over prolonged periods. Maintaining a constant temperature is most important, as fluctuations during storage will impair the quality of the wine. Furthermore, the temperature at which a wine is consumed also plays a crucial role in how it tastes. Red wines should be served at a warmer temperature than white wines because they contain more tannins (polyphenols). Tannins react with oxygen more quickly at higher temperatures. This is what happens in the process of allowing a wine to „breathe“, when the full aroma and taste are only achieved once the wine has combined with oxygen. The length of time for which a wine should breathe depends on its variety and quality. Barolo, Rioja, Burgundy and Bordeaux each take a different amount of time to develop. In general, the longer a wine matured in the barrel, the more likely it is to need a longer breathing time for full enjoyment.[/one_half]

Liebherr achieves there results by using the following:

Electronic control system. Liebherr’s highly precise electronic control systems and advanced air conditioning technologies guarantee appliances maintain a constant interior temperature, even in the event of major fluctuations in the ambient temperature.
Long-term storage. With constant temperatures and a perfectly controlled climate, Liebherr’s wine storage cabinets and Vinidor models provide the very best conditions for wine to age without disturbance, and to develop fully during storage.
Optimum drinking temperature. In our Vinidor wine cabinets, which offer two or three wine safes, different wines can be stored according to their ideal serving temperature. Each wine safe can be independently programmed to between +5°C and +20°C, giving great storage flexibility. In the multi-temperature wine cabinets in our Vinothek range, specialised climate technology is used to achieve temperature stratification within the appliance. Lower temperatures in the bottom section are ideal for sparkling wines and champagne, whereas a temperature of about +18°C in the upper section is perfect for red wines. Meanwhile, the temperature in the middle section brings white wines to an ideal serving temperature.

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