New Brand : U-LINE

We are launching a new American brand called U-Line.

U-line, the award-winning market leader in premium undercounter products, Celebrating 50 years of innovation with a collection of modular refrigeration products that offer advanced technology, aesthetic elegance, and seamless integration for use in today's modern kitchens and lifestyles. With inspired innovations and style, exceptional functionality, the largest breadth of line, and attention to even the smallest details, U-Line has captivated those with an appreciation for the finer things

  • Product One Description – Ice Maker

South Africa’s 1st fully integrated clear ice machine is now available from Euro Appliances. The unit produces clear ice that provides the ideal balance of high ice production, quiet operation, and easy.



  • Product Two Description – Drawer Fridge

Seamlessly integrates into virtually any environment . Our new Drawer Model offer unique and premium performance to ensure your food and beverages are preserved in the optimal environment with enhanced accessibility, large capacities, and flawless integration capabilities.

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